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Great to see you, Cousin, seems to be the prevailing sentiment. Now that U2 could walk back and forth from the East to the West, they realized that the sense of West Berlin as illuminated was not an illusion. The streetlamps of the East were dull, dirty yellow.The streetlights of the West were golden and white, and of higher wattage. Bono was especially struck by the glow of ultraviolet lights in the windows of Eastern buildings so crowded together that little sunlight got through.All videos are hosted by 3rd party websites and we have no control over their contents.We take no responsibility for the content on any webpage which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.for his breakfast/ me/ gibson says nothing/ beep confounds the establishment/ the security system is testedbob dylan on U2/ van morrison on bob dylan/ U2 on van morrison/ bob dylan on van morrison/ van morrison on U2/ bob dylan plays witn' van morrison & U2/ van morrison plays with bob dylan & U2/ dinner & drinks with bob dylan, van morrison, & U2death in the family/ the clinton inauguration/ adam and tarry solicit a new singer/ everything don henley doesn't like/ bono and edge at the thalia theatre/ unbuttoning fascism's fly/ what the president said to the prime ministerlarry injects bull's blood/ eno proposes a library sytem/ fintan goes shopping for shoes/ songs are cobbled together/ bono paints his face/ the zooropa tour begins/ hope for rich men to get into heavenmoonlight in verona/ planning the invasion of bosnia/ ping-pong with the supermodelsl an apostate is granted absolution/ pearl jam gets a sound check/ a dissertation on the value of men wearing dressesthe walking tour enters its third day/ how edge lost the secret of the universe/ bono dubs a sinatra duet/ the old fool controversy/ secondhand smokers/ a pub crawl with gavin/ michael jackson loses faceplanning the triplecast/ alien ginsberg writes in the great book of Ireland/ the cyberpunk rules/ how far U2 will go to get out of rehearsing/ bono & gavin captured by british soldiers dressed as flowerpots U2 The ideas, opinions, descriptions, and conclusions in this book are all mine. And it might save a fistfight or two if I spell this out: when I talk about U2's relationship with Bill Clinton or Salman Rushdie or Wim Wenders or other cultural bigshots, it is not to suggest that U2 influenced those people; it is to show how those people influenced U2. The Berlin Wall was raised as the four members of U2 were being born.Although U2 spent endless hours listening to my theories, answering my questions, and explaining their work and their workings, there are lots of things in here that some or all the members of U2 will disagree with. Seeing it come down shook their assumptions about the way things were and would always be.

"On your left you see the Brandenburg Gate," the pilot announced with pip-pip and tally-ho delight as he swung his airship around. They were the only plane in the sky, the final flight to East Berlin before East Berlin was sucked into history.It was not just a symbol of freedom, it was the closest thing the oppressed peoples had to Oz.Their belief in its magic was not stifled by their own leaders warning them to pay no attention to that world behind the iron curtain.But in the year since people from the East began moving West, first as a trickle through Hungary and Czechoslovakia and then in a flood right through the falling Wall, the free people of West Germany have become a little less tickled with the family reunion.As Easterners looked to share in the prosperity of the west, the Westerners began to fear being saddled with the poverty of the East.

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