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that the size and scale of adult websites truly comes into focus.

We’ll start by laying the ground work, and then on the second page we have some real world figures from You Porn, the second largest porn site on the web.

Then you need to factor in that most websites are predominantly text and images, while the largest porn sites push streaming video.

When you load the Extreme Tech home page, you’re talking about a couple of megabytes, and then maybe 500 kilobytes if you load an article.

There are only so many ways of coping with this much traffic: You set up your own data center, rent a few racks in a very large data center, or use a cloud provider like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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Let us know in the comments if your guess is anywhere near.If you’ve ever transferred a lot of big files over a local network (i.e.stressed both your hard drive and Ethernet port) you will know how taxing this is.This comes to around 29 petabytes of data transferred every month, or .To put this into comparison, your home internet connection is probably capable of transferring a couple of megabytes per second, which is about 25,000 times smaller.

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