Avira antivir not updating automatically daytime dating soul torrent

MUKAILA HADI-same prob goes in my notebook..avira personal 10....i did the same thing.did installed in manual update but avira doesnt detect the update... "My Security Engine" is one of the new rogue antivirus programs (a.k.a. It does it's best to convince you it's the real Windows Security Center, but it's malware.

It's probably best to download the default HOSTS file from bleepingcomputer, then exit your browser, move the HOSTS file and put the default one you just downloaded in to your "Windows\System32\drivers\etc" folder. Today, I DLed and installed PC Tools' Antivirus, but it told me the same damn thing again: 'The virus database could not be downloaded.What antivirus and what antimalware do you have installed and what comes up when you run a scan with them? If you're running Anti Vir, a third possibility is that you need to properly uninstall it to fix this problem.But it's solution is still a good idea--schedule updates when server traffic is low in Germany/Europe.I have mine set for 9 PM Central time (GMT -6), which is about 3 AM in Germany, and have not had a problem with crowded servers.

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