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Sounding convincing isn’t the same as being productive.

I want to draw positive energy into my life, and complaining doesn’t flow with my goals and intentions.

I completely understand that people feel very pressured to do more than they can do because they don’t want their child to be left out in the cold.

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When people think about who will be a good match for someone, they look at the most obvious factors first – someone who has a similar background/life path.

I am Russian, and, although I was lucky to meet my husband very early on in the game, the fact that I was being set up with other Russians over my objections, whose level of observance, or whose goals did not corresponded to mine, was just an example of how things go wrong.

I understand that hearing suggestions that weren’t a good fit for one’s goals other than sharing the same cultural background can be hurtful.

I had the experience more than once of feeling pressured to say yes to someone who I didn’t feel was the right match.

I was concerned my explanations of why I didn’t want to say yes would be seen as petty and of course didn’t want to seem superficial.

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