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Their secret love affair started in 2010 and ended that same year.

Friends and family did not believe when they heard Di Caprio and Blake were no more dating.

Everyone in her family is in the entertainment industry, including her half brothers, sister and older brother.

Her parents have been in the industry for any years.

Watching her parents teach other people acting skills made her more confident and more interested in acting.

Blake didn’t dream of acting, as a matter of fact, she didn’t have much interest.

Since then, she has been enjoying a successful acting career.

Her dream was to attend Stanford University and do something else with her life after leaving school.

She attended some few auditions, courtsy of her elder brothers influence and her potentials were revealed.

Funny, Gosling told PEOPLE that Blake is an incredible actress and a good friend. The flirtation Gosling had with Blake in his new movie, Blue Valentine shows how romantically entangled they are to each other even off camera.

That film almost had an NC-17 rating due to the flirtation that went on.

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