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Both are a nod back to pre-Columbian religious settlements that once existed here, and provide more examples of how advanced the Inca people of the time were.Tucked into the feet of the Andes, Fuerte de Samaipata is a site that is incomparable to any other in the world, and has been a UNESCO site since 1998.Archaeologists still do not know some important facts about the site, thus shrouding Tiwanaku in mystery.This statue of Jesus Christ (Christ Of Peace) provides stunning views of Cochabamba. So search the 100,000's of online singles seeking family-oriented matches for love, romance and marriage.Apatite and zircon fission-track cooling ages constrain the Tertiary cooling and uplift history of the eastern Cordillera and Altiplano of Bolivia.Apatite cooling ages for both plutons record uplift in the past 5–15 m.y., and zircon cooling ages from the Zongo pluton reflect uplift in the past 25–45 m.y.

It is easily one of Bolivia’s best museums due to its surprising content and diversity.

Foot-stamped wine can be enjoyed at this 400 year old house, which has been producing the same high standard of wines since the 1970s. Located in Tarija in the South of Bolivia, the wine here is free from chemicals whilst the grapes benefit from the cool climate of El Valle de la Concepción, where the hilly temperatures provide the perfect environment for producing high quality wines.

One of the most revered archaeological sites in Bolivia, Tiwanaku is a prehistoric city, dating back to 536-600 AD, featuring stunning sculptures, monoliths and religious artifacts.

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

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