Boston and gay and speed dating

Meeting people is easy – anyone can talk for 4 minute dating!

Cambridge dating costs around £15-20 per event, so it’s a cheap and one of the best places to meet women or men.

Our events occasionally generate waiting lists, so if you RSVP that you're going but then don't show, you're taking a spot away from someone who really wants to be there.

If your plans change and you can't go, kindly update your RSVP.

OUR RSVP POLICYThe only thing we ask is that if you RSVP that you're attending, please be sure to attend.

Come join us and make some new friends and professional contacts (like so many others here have)!

I live out at Holton le clay just outside of Grimsby in Lincolnshire/North East Lincolns.. Everyone has their quirks and you either like them or you dont.Speed dating in Cambridgeshire is one of our most popular counties in the UK.We cover a variety of age ranges for our Cambridge singles – from speed dating 20s, speed dating 30s, speed dating 40s and even speed dating 50s.Also, if it's your first free event and you RSVP and then don't show--and don't change your RSVP beforehand either--that still counts as your first event. So people who come to our events are looking to meet other people and not stand around and simply "be seen." (Again, this is not Club Cafe! and that you WILL meet some friendly and approachable folks!Sorry for this strict rule, but a number of folks have tried to take advantage and attend multiple free events by claiming that they never went to their first one. )While the organizers and event hosts do their best to facilitate introductions and to engage others, you're expected to go over and say "hi" to people--and vice versa. If you do, we promise that you won't suddenly burst into flames . ;o) It only takes a minimal amount of effort on your part to meet some great people and do some really Meaningful Networking.™The group continues to grow through Meetup and by word-of-mouth, which is why we've been so successful and why people have been enjoying our events since 2006. We hope you join and look forward to seeing you soon!

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