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He is said to be one of the most paid hosting personalities in Hollywood.

Carson Daly was former MTV VJ and has been hosting his own talk show Last Call with Carson Daly.

He has been in favor and has supported previous republicans.

According to his Twitter, he still attends mass whenever he can.

It also has a swimming pool, a pool house and white-columned porch.

And talking about Carson Daly Black Cadillac Escalade which cost around ,965 seems to be his favourite car.

Carson has also hosted many television shows and now is working as a DJ for AMP radio in California. He has been gaining huge amount from his own show and while he hosted The Voice her used to receive a salary of ,000 for each hosted episode.

Besides that he is also the co-founder of 456 Enterprise and Entertainment, which produces his yearly New Year's Special and a collection of well-received compilation albums.

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