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There were days when I'd swear one of us was adopted. I griped about the stupidity of the holiday because it makes single people feel defective."He scratched his head, looking genuinely confused. Unfortunately, he fell firmly into the friend- zone category. One day when I'd been sitting at the park reading Harry Potter, just blissing out in the sunshine, he sat down beside me and said he didn't understand why I'd want to read on such a nice day and that he just didn't get the big deal about Harry Potter. If you want to turn the guy down, that's on you." And then my brother walked away from me. We go to the bookstore, ooh and ah over all the books, and then pick out a precious few to buy. Since I didn't know why she was here, I waited for her to start talking."I know we broke up, but my mom bought a Valentine's dress for me, and she expects me to wear it to the dance, whether I have a date or not." Vicky ducked her head. Not like this conversation isn't, but I was hoping we could go as friends? Before I could answer, another car pulled up the driveway. "He headed toward Nina's front door."And why is Nina creeping out her back door like some sort of spy? Nina ducked low, like she didn't want anyone inside to see her through the back window, and then ran over to join us. "Which is why I thought you'd be happier if you had a date."The idiot's heart was in the right place ... "I never asked you to play matchmaker.""Cole is a nice guy. Afterward, we drink frothy coffee concoctions in the cafe while we discuss how book boyfriends are so much easier to deal with than guys in real life. "It's like Grand Central Station around here tonight.""Is that Cole Harris? "I'm going to hide over here for a while, if you two don't mind.""Why are you hiding from Cole? In business that means not throwing good money after bad.With investments it's selling under-performers early to prevent larger, more catastrophic losses. I shoved the sign up a little bit higher and then pushed a thumbtack into the wall."We're supposed to use tape," she said. "Food's getting cold." He headed back to our house."He's right." Plus I was freezing, since I hadn't stopped to grab my coat. The fact that West was fluent in Harry Potter made him even more attractive than he'd been before.I climbed down the ladder, pretending I hadn't heard her."Nina, we're going to get into trouble if we use thumbtacks."I sighed and turned to face her. "Cole looked around at all of us like he wasn't sure if we were telling the truth or lying through our teeth. "Let's go talk about the dance over fried rice.""We're not actually going to the dance," West said. He didn't follow immediately, but something told me he would, just to argue his case.Who came up with the idea that a baby in a diaper with a bow and arrow was romantic, anyway? The whole stupid holiday was probably a marketing ploy thought up by florists, so they could sell overpriced flowers to desperate guys who were hoping to get laid.

"They probably have tape."No way was I going to talk to the fashionistas. Not that I thought it would ever happen, but hey, a girl can dream.I put the broom and dustpan away in the kitchen pantry. You should ask her to the Valentine's Dance.""No thanks. We were just sitting down to dinner." Her mom stepped back so Vicky could see me. " I asked."My brother told him to ask me on a date.""You don't want to go out with him? Gidget lay by her dog dish looking mildly offended. "I have no idea how you're not bald." She rolled over so I could rub her tummy. ""It's been a few weeks." Not like I was going to share the details of my dating life with her."I bet she's having Valentine's Day Dance remorse.""What does that mean? I like my life drama free." He walked over to the table, filled a plate with fried rice, and leaned back against the counter. The vet said she was a yellow Lab, which for some reason meant she shed more than any other breed on the planet. The barking that followed let me know exactly who stood on my front porch. If you don't move your Jeep before my dad gets home, he'll probably have it towed.""First off, we pay rent, so it's our driveway, too. His dad would probably take off my mirror on purpose. "People with shared driveways should drive smaller cars.""Feel free to explain that fact to my dad the next time you see him. There was only one person Gidget didn't like: West Smith, the disagreeable hottie who lived next door. And I'm not blocking your side." I may have parked right up against the bright yellow line that West's dad had made him paint down the middle of the shared cement strip, but I wasn't over it. For now, move your Jeep."At that moment, my mom pulled into the driveway and parked her car, hugging the line the same way I had. She climbed out of the car balancing a bunch of take-out boxes stacked up to her chin. We can discuss my plan to erase the driveway line one night and move it over about six inches."West walked past me toward the house.

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