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Using tags on your blog to drive more traffic Blog directories are repositories of information and news regarding the types of blogs available for a particular topic or subject.As such, they can be very useful sources of highly targeted traffic for your own blog.Learn what tags are and how they work so you can maximize their use.Tag – you're it A tag, also referred to as a meta tag, is a keyword that is used to label specific information found on a web page.If you are not the addressee indicated in this message, or responsible for delivery of this message to such person, you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone.In such case you should destroy this message and kindly notify the sender by e-mail. ----- Dear John, Great to hear from you, albeit indirectly, and I hope you are having a lovely summer.It could reach a point where you might find yourself using tags that have little relevance to your blog.This usually happens when you try too hard to make sure that your blog or web page appears in more listings.

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Follow through A good tag can gain initial interest in your blog and increase traffic coming from blog directories. Now that traffic is beating at your door, you should be able to throw a real party thereafter.Furthermore, those who do not understand their use or significance or at least why and how they work may not often appreciate their value.This is unfortunate because tags can help increase the traffic coming in to your blog from blog directories.A meta tag uses HTML tags that are hidden from plain sight but clearly 'visible' to web crawlers.A tag functions mainly for identification of an article, for example, or a title, subheading, site description or image – hence the name 'tag'.

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