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Aryan hears this and says Naksh is missing, where would he go, if I get him, it will be good impression, I have to find him. They all say some lines to welcome Kirti in their family and shower flowers on Kirti. Surekha says it looks like they are telling this to you. Devyaani, Rajshri and Bhabhimaa say they got a message for her, Akshara used to say she will meet her bahu first, this is a rasam by her. Aryan says why do I get tensed in front of him, I can do something great and go to Manish, I will find Naksh before anyone else finds him. Aryan says see how I find groom and become their family member.

Aryan says something happened so his face has tension. Suwarna asks how can you think so, it just creates misunderstanding, we should be thankful that we got such Samdhis, did you think if Naira heard this, how would she feel. Suwarna says where did Naira go, maybe she went to Naksh, they are sad without Naitik. Naira says maybe he went by back door, we will find again.

Lo even helped the resort during a surfing contest by making the kids she watches do some work, but when she was about to be given back her penthouse room key, her dad erroneously assumed that Lo was running a child labor camp and changed his mind.

Even though Lo doesn't like to work, she can be good at her jobs. When Lo is first forced to work, she is placed by her father in the DR as a waitress.

Lo tries to constantly prove to her dad that she is responsible, but most of those attempts backfire.

When Lo booked an awesome surf tour, the most priceless surfboard gets broken in half.

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