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For example, in the sentence "We are always looking at the relationship between ticket price and sales," it would be better to use relation.At the casual dating end, people just go out and get a coffee with someone because they find them fun, interesting, challenging etc and there are no expectations and no pressure.There is no in between and if the other person wants to take it further where they don’t, then the person is friend-zoned.Any date is focused on interacting with the other person to assess them.If you use the noun‘ bear’ it can mean any animal of that species.

And you’re probably going to like the ones they went with, considering many of them are actually representative of the English-speaking world in 2018.

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There are no right or wrong dates, no right or wrong ways to do it and no right or wrong reasons for dating. Of course there are mixes of both extremes along the spectrum as well.

From French datte, from Latin dactylus, from Ancient Greek δάκτυλος (daktulos, “finger”) (from the resemblance of the date to a human finger), probably from a Semitic source such as Arabic دقل (dáqal, “variety of date palm”) or Hebrew דֶּקֶל (deqel, “date palm”).

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