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By the fourth message, he asked for my phone number. I found out a guy I’d been talking to (from Tinder) had a felony drug charge (with intent to deliver)! I was on vacation and met a guy who I was so into, my vacation boyfriend, if you will.

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It also warned that he used all these different last names, one of which was the one he gave me! )We met in the TSA screening line at Dallas Love Field airport after he insisted I go first. He said he had moved from Washington State a year earlier to Dallas and was headed to Panama City Beach for vacation. He texted me photos from the beach and I texted him photos from the U. I didn't get suspicious enough to Google him until after his texts became sexually explicit — and continued even after I asked him to stop. Not only did he lie about his age by 10 years, but he was allegedly part of an identity theft ring!When I arrived for our first date, I was made to wait 90 minutes while she got ready. I read a bunch on it and, in my not-so-expert-opinion, he was guilty but must have given them a bigger fish to fry. My boss set me up and knew about it (they had worked together) and told me to give him a chance and not to be picky. I own a digital marketing firm and have been approached by individuals who were concerned about what they found when they Googled their names.At one point, she made the threat to me, ‘If you screw me over, I know people.’I found out a guy was involved with insider trading… Some of their issues were: One person was caught on You Tube eschewing a racist rant; getting arrested for public urination; and sexual misconduct. I am all for Googling, as you can find out a lot and possibly not waste your time. Art Keller used to work for the CIA, then as a licensed private investigator.Tick-tack-tock into Google, clicked on images, and ‘hello, mugshot! I confronted him about it and he explained he gave someone a ride not knowing what/why the friend needed the ride.He did his time (I don't remember if it was nine months or three years) and had to agree to go on Florida's sex offender registry. But California said, because she was all the way in Chicago, she was out of their jurisdiction! I went out with a guy I saw on all the sites: Ok C, Tinder, Bumble… We had a fun first date and I looked forward to the second one.

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