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Then, trying to trudge through more self-help books, looking for answers on how to heal myself, I came upon a term that lead to a movie. If you haven’t seen the 1940 movie, Gaslight you should immediately go and watch it.

It explains wonderfully the term “gaslighting.” Gaslighting is an idea how emotional abuse slowly eats away at a person’s ability to make judgments.

I have spoken to groups as small as 3 and as large as 1000.

I have spoken for free and paid, all in the hopes of spreading awareness about the child welfare system.

We then rationalize those feelings by saying things like, “other kids have it worse.” The point of the article was clearly missed.

Mostly, however, I have found compassion, honesty and shockingly individuals who minimize or invalidate their own thoughts and feelings. “ It has been one of the big surprises for me, and I started to get curious about the emotions behind it.You can’t allow your own trauma, your own inner voice and minimization to discount the current feelings and emotions of yourself or others. No one person’s trauma has more or less of an impact than another’s.Minimization and invalidation are emotional coals smoldering in your soul, if you don’t extinguish them, you are likely to find yourself engulfed in flames.Recently, a Facebook friend shared an article about whether parents were “gaslighting” their children and asked for feedback and comments on the article. The point of the article was when children cry, we shouldn’t dismiss their tears and tell them “stop crying,” but rather we should get to the core of why they are crying.The articles’ point was that when minimizing a child’s feelings we create a type of deception involving denial.

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