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Why not let my labour of love, Cam Devils, be your guide to some of the hottest live shows you're ever likely to see.

It’s raining hot cam girls in here and some of them are naughty, and the rest are downright dirty! I’ve seen some impressive cam shows over the years and I’ve also seen some that weren’t too great.

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FYI: If you see a new cam girl you like the look of, don't put off watching her show. Constantly speaking to people who have their clothes on can be a drag; I get it!Even if you’re the greatest masturbation aficionado in the world, you still might be hesitant about explaining, in great detail, exactly what you’re doing to your body. On the other hand, “I really want you to put your cock in my pussy” might be the winning ticket. You’ve put in all this work, now it’s time to climax! Reap the benefits of overcoming any fears you had about the whole thing and scream out the words that one screams when total satisfaction has hit! ”I’m not suggesting some sort of highly thorough breakdown of what was great, weird, or embarrassing about the whole thing. By this point in the game, the two of you should probably be pretty vocal about how turned on you are and what you’re doing to your prospective bodies. Hold out as long as you can, say all the things you’ve thought but could never say before because you weren’t the phone sex master you’re about to become, don’t care if you stumble over your words as your breathing intensifies and your heartbeat starts to pound — JUST GO FOR IT. It doesn’t matter if you two don’t come at the exact same time! Unlike people in relationships where distance isn’t an issue, we’re forced to communicate in ways that strictly involve talking, lots and lots of talking.It’s definitely the most communicative relationship of my life.

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