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The orders were: Make clear and simple rules, permit few exceptions to the rules, and rely heavily on the chosen dictionary as the arbiter of conflicts.

As work progressed, we became convinced that while style would remain the chief purpose, there were many factual references we should include to make things a bit easier for busy editors. As for the “style” itself, we thought at the outset that it wouldn’t be possible to please everyone. Journalists approach these style questions with varying degrees of passion. Some agree that basically there should be uniformity for reading ease if nothing else.

In particular we sought and received many member views on a variety of difficult questions so that this book could reflect what members wanted. Following is a key to the entries: airport Capitalize as part of a proper name: La Guardia Airport, Newark In ternational Airport. The Boston airport (lowercase airport ) would be acceptable if for some reason the proper name, Logan International Airport, were not used. Right: Early this morning he asked for the number of your room. Always use figures for an address number: 9 Morningside Circle. Because the full phrase would read in the year of the Lord 96. The fourth century is elastic bandage.000added sweepstakes. Guidance on how to use a particular abbreviation or acronym is provided in entries alphabetized according to the sequence of letters in the word or phrase. when they are used before a name in direct quotations. AARP Use only the initials; it’s the official name of the American Association of Retired Persons. is used in this book to identify the abbreviated form that may be used for a word in some contexts. C., a.m., p.m., No., and abbreviate certain months when used with the day of the month. Names not commonly before the public should not be reduced to acronyms solely to save a few words. Some general principles: BEFORE A NAME: Abbreviate the following titles when used before a full name outside direct quotations: Dr., Gov., Lt. and certain military designations listed in the military titles entry. For guidelines on how to use titles, see courtesy titles; legislative titles; military titles; religious titles; and the entries for the most commonly used titles. AFTER A NAME: Abbreviate junior or senior after an individual’s name. SPECIAL CASES: Many abbreviations are desirable in tabulations and certain types of technical writing. CAPS, PERIODS: Use capital letters and periods according to the listings in this book. which connotes a person who performs clandestine abortions. aboveboard absent-minded AWOL is acceptable on second reference. abortion Use anti-abortion instead of pro-life and abortion rights instead of pro-abortion or pro-choice.

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