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Every detail was washing over Michaela, sending blood racing down to parts of her she planned to keep far away from him.

No matter how many times she had tried to get away, she always ran back to him like a needle to a vein.

Dog food is not very tasty, but after Sierra Cirque has been locked in the pit for a few days, it starts to be worth scrabbling for: Photo is from one of the classic remastered Insex shoots that appears from time to time as bonus material for Infernal Restraints members in remastered Ultra4K glory.

Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: It takes a tough pirate to carry a bound girl over a stony beach in bare feet, but the girls will sell really well in Arab markets so it’s worth a bit of foot pain if you can get them in the boat without raising a hue and cry and getting chased by her daddy’s men: From an old From the look on her face and the saliva around her mouth, it looks like this bondage breast pinching session has been going on for awhile.

Michaela had avoided this moment for 7 years, since the last night of grad school and the last time she heard his voice. “Ian, how are you,” she asked, trying to sound unattached.

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No, no, no she thought as she frantically adjusted the dress.

For 6 years she had played hardball with the boys, clawing her way up the ladder, and tonight in that dress she was going to show them who she really was.

Dateless maybe, but there are always sacrifices on the road to greatness.

Jumping a bit she whipped her head around to see the arrogant smirk that belonged to Boston’s most eligible bachelor himself, Ian Garcia.

She gasped slightly when his eyes, emerald green like she has never seen before, locked hers.

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