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But educated people know that Muslim thought and culture is ever so much broader than that, even if we don’t know the details.

This article is the first modern thing I’ve ever seen from a Muslim perspective on BDSM and submission (although as it happens I’ve had a conversation with a devout Christian woman who has very similar notions) and as such, I think it’s worth sharing here: I met Zahid a year after I met Abdallah, almost to the day.

The combination of wind and movement had pushed the edge of the deep plunge over, exposing the bud of her nipple for anyone to see.

It was never a relationship, there were never dates or meeting the family, but there were nights of mind-blowing passion, lips sucking skin in a post-study drunken haze.To be truly Muslim is to understand that God is the only being anywhere who wields any power.For a believer, her Islam—or her submission—means that she places all her trust in God, and dedicates her life to God’s worship. Just a panel of heavy hogwire and some stapled-together medium-density fiberboard, but it’s enough to keep Charlotte Sartre in her hole until the rough nasty blowjob men come and put her pretty mouth to hard use: Photos are from a shoot for Spizoo that’s available via Kink Unlimited.Michaela’s face flushed to the color of her dress, and her mind was racing with plans for a quick escape from this mortifying situation.“Don’t be embarrassed” his hand inching a bit lower down her back, “you look sexy as all hell.” Ian was a drug she had broken the habit from a million times.

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