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Engagement heavily influences ASO, but how do you get people to discover and download your app in the first place? When writing a short description (for Google Play) or a subtitle (for App Store), be strategic.If you’re on a tight budget, use a platform like App Annie, Sensor Tower, or Google Trends to determine the best keywords for your app. They won't appear in the search results, but will help you score higher.We’ve learned a trick or two (or a hundred) to maintain our momentum, including how to use App Store Optimization (ASO) to our advantage.

People are usually keen to share negative feedback, while they keep the positive to themselves.

To help you separate the signals from noise, we’ve compiled a list of the techniques, ranging from basic to advanced, that have brought us and our clients the most impactful results. App store publishers don’t just track downloads, they also monitor how frequently users interact with an app (here's one of our favorite blogs on the topic).

To rank higher in search results, you need to incentivize your users to open your app.

In our research, we see 11,000 “gay dating” apps available in the App Store alone (i Phone and i Pad apps for keywords . The good thing about ASO is that, unlike factors like user reviews, you’re in full control.

This is an achievement in and of itself, but Surge’s user base has also grown from zero to over three million. Just as in SEO, ASO’s older brother, there are dozens of suggested tactics.

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