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If you say it at the wrong time, it can destroy any chance of a future relationship – but the same thing can happen if you wait too long. Well, a recent study done by both Zoosk and revealed something a little bit surprising about when to make things official.They took a look at over 1,000 girls and 1,000 dudes and this is what they found: 25 percent of women think that you should wait “at least a few months” before making things legit, while 43 percent of guys thought “it takes a couple of good dates.” So, how do know when to make your sort-of-relationship an official relationship? Here’s something important that you need to remember: you have every right to ask the dude you’ve been hooking up with what he wants and if he’s interested in being your boyfriend. I’m siding with the guys here: it’s best to wait until after a couple of great dates and hang out seshs.It will also give you time to get more comfortable to talk to him about it. I know that starting this conversation with a dude can be awkward, uncomfortable and completely nerve-wracking. I’ve done it a million times and let me just tell you guys something: I am really shy.So if I can talk about this with dudes, anyone can. Like I said, this might be a slightly awkward convo – there might be no getting around that. Would you rather be lame and sit around waiting to hear what he thinks or would you rather take the initiative and find out where his head is on your own? Here’s what to do: first of all, this conversation should happen in person, not through text messages, Facebook chats or even on the phone.You can use these questions to help participants get to know each other.Your participants will appreciate starting out their meeting with quiet laughter and the chance to share something about themselves in a comfortable, supportive environment.

It is also likely that your meeting or training session will not succeed.

In a second example, if the training session is focused on how to improve meetings, you might start the session by asking participants to identify the aspects of their current meetings that drive them crazy.

In a training session on employee motivation, you can ask your participants to describe what most motivates them at work.

In a session on improving communication, ask your attendees to think of an excellent business communicator and describe what he or she does that makes the individual effective.

Here are guidelines about how to facilitate and use these ice breaker questions for meetings.

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