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I also happen to think I'm "hot" and I think most people around me would agree. I have had some minor issues with my children -they're simply not acting their age - but mostly that's been resolved.

I have been flirting with an old boyfriend via e-mail, but he is living with a woman and I really don't think he will leave her for me. This man and I found ourselves spending our time after our own match with one another.

In the meantime, though, you have to start accepting your next stage of your life. Aging also means losing some energy, some attractiveness and with that comes a fear of engaging with a new sexual partner.

So, entailed in accepting this stage of life, you need to discard the way we usually analyze situations.

An old boyfriend did not choose you over someone else and that probably caused you to wonder if your sexual/romantic triumphs were now relegated to the past. Whereas usually you have the energy and the independence to do almost anything, now you are not even sure if you want to have casual sex.

I believe that it is not politics that holds you back from a wine-tasting date. If age is settling in on you, if men are going to reject you, then perhaps undressing in front of someone new is taking an awful chance.

After all, the IP address that first pops up whenever you go to "What Is My IPAddress.com" is actually linked directly to the computer you're using.

So, analyze realistically your present stage in life and accept your anger.

And actually, what they'll find out isn't really about YOU, more than it is about your online connection.

That is, it doesn't know WHO is using a certain IP address—they can only find out, in general, where that computer is.

I am a single woman who has a pretty successful life. I have been widowed twice, but I enjoy the several flirtations that I have had over the last ten years.

I like to think of myself as a liberal and independent thinker. I have lost two friends and another one is quite ill.

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