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Keyboard controls are the same as a grid with the following additions Landmark Navigation Example: ARIA provides for many roles that describe various types of content like Article, Heading, etc.

It would be useful to provide a keyboard shortcut that would cycle through these landmarks similar to the way a tab key currently traverses tabstops.

It may contain, and was designed to handle, interactive elements such as a button, link, or text field.

It is essentially a Popup Menu with un-necessary keystrokes turned off.

If the aria-grabbed property is absent, or if it has the value “undefined”, then the object cannot partake in drag and drop. Drop targets are identified using the property “aria-dropeffect” set to one or more of its values. Example: A teacher’s online gradebook containing select lists, text input fields and read-only information arranged in rows and columns.

Supplement to the normal tooltip processing of the user agent. A tooltip dialog is a modal dialog that is rendered near the invoking element and visually connected via a cartoon bubble-like protrusion.

It is hoped that developers, AT vendors, and Browser manufactures will use these as guidelines, but understand it may not be practical or possible given their individual constraints.

Button Example: Allows for user-triggered actions ().

We realize that many keystrokes are already in use by various operating systems, user interfaces, and assistive technology.

Therefore our task is to recommend the best, most intuitive, most international friendly shortcut keys possible without regard to their current use.

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