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It is hoped that developers, AT vendors, and Browser manufactures will use these as guidelines, but understand it may not be practical or possible given their individual constraints.

Button Example: Allows for user-triggered actions ().

Dialog (Modal) Example: A dialog is a small application window that sits above the application and is designed to interrupt the current processing of an application in order to prompt the user to enter information or require a response ().

A modal dialog is a dialog that takes and holds focus until the dialog is closed or submitted.

Slider Example: A user input where the user selects a value from within a given range.

A slider represents the current value and range of possible values via the size of the slider and position of the thumb.

Beginner's Guide to DHTML This tutorial is written and contributed by . As a self-proclaimed webmaster, I try my best to keep up with the latest in web technology. After hearing a lot about this technology and how it will eventually revolutionize the internet, I thought I had to get off the couch and start learning about it, before I lose the right to call myself a "webmaster".

Draggable objects are identified using the property “aria-grabbed”. () Example: A data table containing rows and cells of read only information Example: A webmail inbox containing checkboxes, links, and read only information arranged in rows and columns.

Example: A Tree Grid is a combination of a Treeview and a Grid with rows that are expandable.

Examples include a threaded view of an e-mail grid or a calendar that opens month, week and day views.

It is typically possible to add or subtract to the value by using directional keys such as arrow keys ().

Slider (Multi-Thumb) Example: This three thumb slider shows a histogram of the range of colors in a photo.

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