Information on dating violence

Project Harmony organizes technical capacity building programs to enhance the police understanding and response to the domestic violence problem.These programs consist of sending a team of two trainers (police and law) to the targeted sites to teach the course "Domestic Violence is a Crime," an intense training with law enforcement and legal partners."I think we should expect our leader in the highest office in the land to step above the lowest possible bar," he said."Statements are not sufficient at this stage in the game.If you are interersted in bring Be Project to your school or organizations please complete our Request for Services Form and return it to us via fax or email. We understand the schools and organizations have different needs and we will do our best to be flexible to accommodate your needs.

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Project Harmony is an American nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that arranges educational and professional programs in the Newly Independent States ( NIS) and the United States.

​After the Charlottesville violence, ADL CEO Jonathan A.

Greenblatt released a press statement calling for much-needed leadership from Trump.

Also included are presentations for parents and for school professionals.

The Be Project’s therapeutic groups provide a 10-week teen dating violence leadership curriculum.

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