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Some will be overly familiar with their professors right away, acting too personal and making their teachers uncomfortable.Others will be too timid, and never want to communicate with the professor at all.There are a few steps you can take to make sure you don’t alienate your professor with bad email habits: Some professors make these into rules, and take a hard line on the rules; there are some who will even refuse to answer emails that don’t include subjects, have lots of grammatical errors, or don’t address them respectfully.Others will just be annoyed and remember you were the one who annoyed them.Your professors are not servers there to wait on you hand and foot; they are authority figures.They’re not exactly your bosses, either, because they’re not paying you to do a job – if you don’t do your work, it doesn’t hurt them, only you.

If you have the same professor multiple times over the years, you may grow into a more familiar relationship. ” Right: “Good morning, Professor.” Wrong: “What’s up, old man?At best, your professor is a knowledgable expert on whatever you are learning, who will guide you to better understanding and expertise on that subject.They can inspire you to perform at your best, like a good coach, or they can make your life miserable, like a bad boss.But the thing to remember when you’re communicating with your professor is that professors are people – “professor” is a job, not a personality type. The thing you have to remember, though, is that the professor has a lot of authority in the classroom, and she or he will be the one grading your work.And just like every other person in the world, every person is different. And, unlike the high school teachers who had a duty to do everything possible to get you through class, the professor does not have that job. Most professors don’t make a ton of money, unless they’re in the Ivy Leagues.

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