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I had a flat there and just fell in love with the place.” Why? The weather was stunning and the people were lovely. “I had an apartment on the seafront in Poole and it was the last year my grandmother was alive.

She admits she wants to live in a bubble where ‘everything is lovely’ and has spent years batting off the naysayers and critics.The first series was a huge hit for the network -- receiving average viewing figures of 1.8 million per episode -- prompting Channel 5 to commission the second series, which was filmed during the summer.The first episode of series two -- in which Jane experienced the Baltic on Viking Cruises Viking Sky -- received 1.4 million viewers, taking a 7.57 percent market share -- the network's top show of the night.“I do a lot of work with hospices and this could be their anthem. “I do look after myself and laughter is the best medicine.I have also realised that many people are alone in the world. “When you get to a certain age you appreciate the people around you and I do feel lucky and blessed.” And she looks pretty good, too. There’s lots of comedy in my show.” Perhaps her current glow is also down to her fiance, Eddie Rothe, whom she fdated when she was 18 and he was in the band Liquid Gold.

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