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Analysing the light from their atmospheres could reveal the existence of life.

'It is a step on that road to understand if there are other planets like Earth and potentially life out there,' said astronomer Bruce Macintosh, one of two teams who make the 'extra-solar' system photographs.

This image projected out from Earth shows Fomalhaut's location in the cosmos 'You see an object next to a star and you might think it's a planet,' Mark Mc Caughrean, an astrophysicist at the University of Exeter, told BBC News.

'But you have to watch it for several years and make sure that it moves around the star and with the star as it moves across the sky.

"The detection of the three planets around HR 8799 does not mean that no planets are orbiting at smaller separations.

Other gas giant or even rocky planets could reside there." In future, astronomers hope to capture images of Earth-sized planets in other solar systems.

The processed image shows three planets orbiting the star, which is among the first images of another solar system, ushering in a new era in astronomy Like the giant planets orbiting the Sun, they lie in the outer regions of their solar system, roughly 25, 40 and 70 astronomical units (AU) from their star.

In the past 13 years, scientists have discovered more than 300 planets outside our solar system, but they have done so indirectly, by measuring changes in gravity, speed or light around stars.“The website became severely degraded,” a VDOT spokeswoman said.Scientists have taken the first snapshots of another solar system, ushering in a new era in astronomy.All three are said to have 'complex' atmospheres containing dusty clouds.Since the 1990s, astronomers have collected a tally of around 200 detected extra-solar planets.

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