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This sudden, unexplainable, otherworldly attraction is unanticipated, unexpected, and feels unsettling and destabilizing.

While these feelings happen to everyone who encounters their divine soulmate, it can be particularly disconcerting to a Capricorn.

The Nodes are the storyline of a relationship, and the rest of the charts tells the actual story. It provides a lot of information and can help you know and understand yourself and those you love.

But there are some questions it can't adequately answer.

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However, even if the concept of past lives is not part of your reality, a soulmate is a person who in one way or another makes you a better person.Turn on any movie — literally any freaking movie — and the entire thesis is very likely that the two main characters were MEANT for each other. And there are many people who will make you laugh, make you strive to be the best version of yourself, and let you love them back. But to be very honest, the idea of a soulmate is complete and utter BS. Because the idea of two people being created just to make each other happy is adorable. It gives us out here in the dating game some sense of purpose beyond just killing time together. But seriously, this whole soulmate game is self-defeating and likely holding us back. Still, Capricorns do generally gravitate towards realistic, mature, supportive individuals and expect their soulmate would share their: The sun signs that are most compatible with a Capricorn long term but also different enough to allow for Capricorn's emotional growth are the water signs of passionate Scorpio, gentle Pisces, and nurturing Cancer.A partner with the above qualities can be a very satisfying mate for a Capricorn, and the relationship could be a soulmate connection that lasts a lifetime, or they could be just a life partner. The interesting thing about a soulmate and Capricorn is that when the ordinarily cautious, reserved, and realistic Capricorn meets their soul mate, there's an immediate, magnetic, almost electric attraction, and they feel they know the person even before they know anything about them.

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