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I don’t have a lot of money, so I decided I wanted to make him something. I went on a Pinterest search, as I so often do, and came across this project below on the site Life Love Lauren, and I fell in love with it.(Thank you, Lauren, for sharing this idea with all of us.Much of the housing near Goose Rocks Beach was destroyed by the fire, but the area has since recovered and been rebuilt.The coast is framed by bedrock, left during the formation of the Appalachian mountains, and the irregular shape of the coast (characteristic of much of the New England coast, with the exception of Cape Cod and the islands) is attributed to differential erosion of the underlying rock layer.The town was renamed Arundel, and the town center located inland at Burbank Hill.In 1821 the town was renamed again, this time to Kennebunkport in reflection to its economy becoming one of shipbuilding and trade along the Kennebunk River.Since 1939, Kennebunkport is home to the Seashore Trolley Museum.The Great Fires of 1947, which devastated much of York County, affected Kennebunkport and especially the area near Goose Rocks Beach.

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Due to Indian depredations, the town was depopulated by 1689, and not resettled by Europeans again until the early 18th century.

These embayments result in the sandy beaches that can be found in southern Maine (such as Goose Rocks Beach, Colony Beach, and nearby Kennebunk Beach), but are uncommon north of Portland.

Likewise the geology here differs from that of the outer lands (Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, Block Island in Rhode Island, and Long Island in New York), which were formed as terminal and recessional moraines, and do not contain much in the way of a bedrock skeleton.

My boyfriend loved it.) I did borrow some of Lauren’s ideas as far as card topics go and I tweaked some to fit my boyfriend and I’s relationship.

Like her, I’m not going to share what was said on each card, but I will share with all of you what the outside of my envelopes say, so you can figure out what to put on yours.

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