Mother fucing bathroom

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My mom gives me a ride to the college, in the way up se said to me: Honey what’s happened to you today? I remember taking the bus, and on the way down home my mind was hooked in the events that I’ll experience that day with my “lover”.

You have a cold nose, stop boy don’t be so anxious. I know that the sound of the jacuzzi excites you” she said.(“What, the sound of the jacuzzi excites him”. “Now I get it he was trained to fuck my mother.” Now I understand why my father doesn’t want me to be alone in the house with the dog and he forbids me to use the jacuzzi when they are out.)“Zeus” sits and he’s so excited that starts barking and moves his front paws up and down.

She turns around and looks under the bed mattress and open a secret compartment in the bed frame and grabs a huge 10 inches long dildo and a bottle of lubricant.

You look strange and distracted; do you have a problem? But in my mind I was battling with the urges to fuck with dog. I’m getting very anxious and nervous when I was getting closer to home.

Is this all about your father not coming to your party? The mere idea of that just started to make me horny and I feel my pussy juices running down. Then something nasty hit me again I remember that in my last birthday my father gave me a video camera and I think that is a good idea to take a video of my lover and me; that’s makes me hornier.

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