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There is a chance that some files became corrupt during installation, so a restart may solve the problem.To completely uninstall AVG from your computer, you need a version of AVG Remover Tool for your operating system. Install the software following the instructions displayed.After the computer reboots, the tool will complete the uninstallation and from that moment on you can reinstall the antivirus.

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This error warns you that another installation is running and blocks you from installing the antivirus.Does AVG installation freezes every time you try to run it?This article lists the most common elements which could cause these installation fails, as well as the actions you can perform to fix this antivirus solution to update properly when Deep Freeze is protecting a workstation. Configure your Deep Freeze install package as per your normal requirements, including passwords and other settings that may be required. Introduction Deep Freeze provides administrators with a way to protect workstations from changes by rolling back any change made to the computer at reboot. Enter the following in the Batch File Contents field on the tab: Deep Freeze Version 7.4 or Lower 1.

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