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Village B however is 10 miles down the hill from the main town, where Village C is.Tourists use jeeps or vehicles from Village, or Town, C to get to Village B.Among the primary threats CBT faces include jealousy and negative competition from areas that are close to the Project who may not be getting financial benefits from it.Therefore, including adjoining areas and ensuring their direct involvement is very important to the success of a project.For instance, NGOs are not only providing training or capacity building but also look out for the interests and rights of the poor ? NGOs can also deal with international or national tour operators and the government, negotiating or lobbying on behalf of the community.NGOs also market and sell tours through their global networks. Tour operators form an interface that tourists are comfortable dealing with.CBT is an approach that creates a variety of quality tourism pro-ducts and services that are environmentally and ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially and psychologically acceptable.

Experience generally refers to expertise or rocedural know-ledge, rather than propositional knowledge: on-the-job training rather than book learning.And, often donors do not belong to that area – or even country.Broader Concept of Community: Village A where CBT is based Service chain including village B and C NGO Donor Tour operators Government= One Community While it may vary in each context, each partner in the CBT value chain is necessary.Looking on from the Sarai lodges one can see the Raikot Glacier yawning beneath the North face of the Killer Mountain.Studded with alpine trees, Fairy Meadows gets its name from the legendary claim that fairies inhabit the meadow.

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