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This is a perfect Segway to tonight’s millionaires where Patti must use her mothering gene to nurture one millionaire into the basics of dating 101.

Patti’s new project Daniel Kibblesmith is a complete nerd who is in desperate need of Patti’s awesomeness to land him a gal pal who also appreciates ventriloquism.

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'So you are now going to see a bisexual mixer, so she doesn't know whether she's gay or straight and she picks one side versus the other. Patti said her experience setting Courtney up was difficult.'She does everything right, and then she goes on the date. You'll get it." And she doesn't go out, she used to party six nights a week and she gets seriously drunk.'In a clip from the pair's Dr.Patti reminds us, “She b*tched about Angelina stealing Brad from her!”According to many media outlets, the next step in the couple’s whirlwind romance is to start a family, and Patti agrees that we’ll be hearing something along those lines very soon.She came out as bisexual after splitting from husband Doug Hutchison, who she married as a teenager.And now Courtney Stodden, 23, is helping Patti Stanger make Million Dollar Matchmaker history by having the very first bisexual 'mingle' on the show. She's like, "I got a check book, I did try to do the driver's test, I failed twice." 'Dr.

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