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Yet, how can one help the operator account for all these details and make it so that the patient arrives during the "golden hour"? When designing the system, the developers accounted for the cyclic and seasonal nature of treatment demand, the population's daily mobility, as well as the workload of healthcare institutions.

This approach allowed to solve two tasks: optimize the ambulance's routes so as to decrease the time spent on delivering the patients in different conditions and improve the ambulance stations' operating procedures.

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This comes in different formats - from educational modules to webinars and workshops on 34 program tracks.

EU specialists have already calculated that introduction of even some of these technologies will help avoid prescribing hundreds of thousands of wrong medication orders, excessive laboratory assessments, which will in turn help the healthcare system save several millions of euros.

Russia also develops its own medical information systems: as of now, there are about 700 companies working in the field of medical software development.

"We launched this project in 2015 and we are still working on it; on the initial stages, there were some issues with getting data from the healthcare system, but I hope we're already past them.

The results we got were very interesting, comments Dmitriy Kurapeev, -and we hope that our project will expand in the future.

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