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A conceptual model of the core phenomenon and key themes in event tourism studies is provided as a framework for spurring theoretical advancement, identifying research gaps, and assisting professional practice.

Conclusions are in two parts: a discussion of implications for the practice of event management and tourism, and implications are drawn for advancing theory in event tourism.

That's, some may not have a supervisor, guidelines, etc. Concerning definitions of terms, they can be presented as a glossary or discussed in a separate section. I have seen theses having it in the introduction while others in literature review chapter discussing each term in detail.

Thank you Additional Information I think there are always exceptions to the general rule of writing theses.

Equally, definitions could be in their own section - either towards the beginning, or as an appendix.

I often see this in documents where the definitions are basic reference material.

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It's up to you to work out, for your document in particular, the best way to present these necessary definitions.Given that you want to say what your work is about as soon as possible, you can't avoid mentioning at least a few of these technical terms before introducing them formally.For one thing, you may well have to put them in the title!In the guidelines for my Masters thesis we were told to put our glossary after the contents page and before the abstract section, with its own entry in the contents page.Does your course/institution not have any such guidelines?

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