Professional boxer dating

Following news of the arrest warrant, Mayweather Sr.and his team vehemently denied such claims, insisting that the woman was only “trying to extort money and she’s angry because she’s not getting the money from Floyd.

Authorities revealed that the father of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The undefeated boxing champion served his 90-day sentence after pleading guilty to attacking his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris. He is also known for being a trainer for famous boxers, including Oscar De La Hoya and his son.

Yu Tsai In a series of super-sexy shots, Jonas poses in his underwear, shows off his backside and does an aggressive crotch grab that would probably even make 1990s-era Mark Wahlberg blush.

He has been rated in Lightweight, Light-welterweight, Welterweight and Middleweight.

Out of 35 professional boxing games he have won 31 matches(as of June 2016).

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