Roissy dating

Snuggley Wuggley – same as snuggles, he loves to snuggle.

Sugar Smacks – yes it sounds like cereal but when he kisses you, all you can taste is sugar.

Z Zeus – A God you can really boost his self-worth this one.

Zany – he has a weird sense of humor but you get it.

Nookie Bear – yep made up but hey if he turns you on then let him know it.

Stud – strong well-built and sexy women look at him and want to bear his children.

Sunbeam – he brings sunbeams in your life everyday.If you really want your man to feel special, use this one.Main Man – this tells him of all the men in your life, family or friends that he is the main man in your life.Sailor – great for navy guys both active and retired.Snuggles – this is good for him if he loves to snuggle with you.

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