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It is far easier to say what the meal we had at Xi'an was not. It did not have the sinister aftertaste of monosodium glutamate.It did not leave us wanting more an hour later (nor, indeed, hours later).Most of Xi'an's trade comes from outside Orpington, as you might imagine, and it is packed in the evenings (thanks in part to Gary Rhodes, who was due in that night to celebrate his birthday).As we left, one of our party, a former resident of Canton, described it as the best Chinese food he had ever eaten. Because of the familiarity of the staple dishes, most of us have an ideal meal in our minds when we think of "going for a Chinese"; it is not unusual to be disappointed with the reality that arrives on the table, but very rare to be surprised by greater quality than you could have imagined.It also confirmed that one of the delights of Chinese food is its familiarity.No matter how adventurous you choose to be - Illusion of Mango (chicken and beef plunged in a ginger and mango sauce) sounded interesting - it is still possible to bolster one's confidence with old favourites.As a resident of the suburbs who sometimes eats locally, I've had enough poorly defrosted baltis to understand why.

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Which latter description applied rather more to the crispy chilli beef, the only major disappointment of the day; its tired grey strands were more than a full stomach could bear.

Credit cards accepted EVERYBODY LAUGHED when they heard we were going to Orpington for lunch.

First there was a smirk, then a chuckle, betraying a wild prejudice against the idea that this inoffensive Kent town could deliver top nosh.

The batter had been fried quickly enough not to become greasy, and long enough to enclose the juices of the seafood.

Squid can be a rubbery mess, but these pieces offered a clean bite.

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