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Once banned for its frank depiction of sexuality and sensuality, "Lady Chatterley" is, at heart, about class constrictions and the often suffocating bonds of motherly and spousal love. Lawrence's meditative and passionate novel deals with the benumbed and deracinated England after World War I and the emergence of "a new man" (personified by Lady Chatterley's lover, the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors) who not only transcends class, but embodies both the masculine and feminine ideals — someone who is both rough and tender.

Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" only for the sexy parts may be surprised to realize there is a lot more to the novel.

This time around, the sex takes back burner to Lawrence’s larger project: his quest for an answer to a Big Question, namely: how can we unite the body and the mind into an integrated whole?

High School Claire thought the book was basically a very beautifully-realized bodice-ripper–Hardy’s on Ecstasy, if you will–but Adult Claire, the Claire who’s typing these sentences, feels differently.

This means, among other things, that he cannot have sex.Owen) pulsate with lushness and heat and awakening senses.Onstage portrayals of sex can be awkward and false when there is no chemistry between the actors, but Miss Shupe and Mr.Clifford is a cold man, obsessed with writing “clever, spiteful” fiction and making money off coal mining. What I will say is that eventually Lady Chatterley must make a choice: between the two men, between the two ideas of a life On the pleasures and perils of rereading a favorite book from one’s youth, Man Booker judge Stuart Kelly has written: ‘What if it’s not as good as I thought?Isolated on a manor in the remote English countryside, Constance grows desperate, until (wait for it! His name is Oliver Mellors, he wears green leggings (yes, like Robin Hood; I never promised you Lawrence wasn’t heavy-handed), and is the new Chatterley gamekeeper. Worse: what if it showed my earlier critical capacity to be gauche and easily-impressed by trickery?

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