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Apart from ads, memberships are a good source of revenue for sustaining a website.

To show how much flexibility you have we’ve gone overboard and decided to build a website with 6 different user roles, 2 free and 4 of them will be paid.

Each content piece on your website (blog posts with text and video, pages, entire categories & tags) can be linked to a level (0-4).

Each user role has access to content made for it’s level and content made for lower levels.

The plugin also allows you to enable different features for different user roles.

This will help a lot in generating more subscription revenues by giving certain permissions only to Gold and Platinum users.

Hi everyone, Today I’ll show you how to set up a paid membership website using AVChat 3, Word Press, s2Member Framework for tracking membership and Pay Pal as a payment system.

Each of them will have different permissions in line with their subscription plan.

We’ve chosen the permissions for each user role so that: To have access to premium content and video chat a user must subscribe to a membership plan and pay a recurring monthly fee using Pay Pal.

First let’s understand the subscription signup/registration process using s2Member Framework.

Here’s how it works (taken from “s2Member Framework Quick-Start Guide”): AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for Word Press allows us to set video chat permissions per user role, we will use the new user roles (s2Member Level 1 – Bronze, s2Member Level 2 – Silver, s2Member Level 3 – Gold, s2Member Level 4 – Platinum) created by s2Member to create different permissions for video chat.

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