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In 2012, she was cast in the British–Canadian film Midnight's Children, under the direction of Deepa Mehta, based on Salman Rushdie's Booker Prize-winning novel of the same name, for which she received international critical acclaim.She achieved further commercial success by starring in films such as Pavitra (2013) and Chandra (2013).That same year Saran made a special appearance in a scene in the Kannada film Arasu.She appeared in six films in 2007 in four languages.Among other philanthropic activities, she has volunteered for charity organizations.

She subsequently appeared in several more Telugu films while making in-roads in the Hindi and Tamil industries.

In 2004, Saran acted in two Telugu and two Hindi films, including Nenunnanu, where she played a student in classical singing.

She had ten 2005 releases, nine of which were Telugu films, the most notable for her being Chatrapathi.

In 2001, her dance master gave her the opportunity to appear in Renoo Nathan's debut music video "Thirakti Kyun Hawa", which brought Saran to the attention of many Indian filmmakers.

Although Saran aspired to become a well-known dancer, she was offered a leading role.

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