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Association Football was then much better known as “Assoccer”, which quickly just became “Soccer” and sometimes “Soccer Football”.The inventor of the nickname is said to be Charles Wredford Brown, who was an Oxford student around the time of Association Football’s inception.Legend has it, in 1863 shortly after the creation of Association Football, Wredford-Brown had some friends who asked him if he’d come play a game of “Rugger”, to which he replied he preferred “Soccer”.

Television shows like turns us into a bunch of desperados, worried that if we don't find a man soon, we'll end up confined to a life like those on Wisteria Lane.

This resulted in the name switching from “Soccer” and “Association Football”, to just “Football”; with the first documented case of the sport being called by the singular term “Football” coming in 1881, 18 years after it was first called “Soccer” or, officially, “Association Football”.

The game gradually spread throughout the world under the lower class name of “Football”, rather than “Soccer” as the “gentlemen” called it.

But if they are actually out there, then what nightclub, online chat room or singles party are they hiding in?

In doing some research, I was jolted by the daringness (and innovativeness) of the Sydney singles scene.

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