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For example, an alarm clock hidden camera would blend into a bedroom or an office, but may look out of place in a kitchen.

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Battery powered hidden cameras are convenient to use because they can be easily moved and placed exactly where you need them.

People buy hidden cameras or “spy cameras” for many different reasons – to keep an eye on your babysitter or nanny while you’re at work, to see what your kids are doing when you aren’t home, to keep your office secure, or just to use a hidden camera for general home security.

Whether you’re a gadget lover or a technology novice, there are many aspects of buying a hidden camera that may new or different, so at Spygear Gadgets we’ve tried to simply the process as much as possible.

Browse our wide selection of hidden cameras perfect for home and business use. After all, buying a hidden camera isn't something most people are familiar with.

We offer cameras hidden inside smoke detectors, clocks, and much more.

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