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Created by Oregon transplants and father-and-son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa, the eclectic brews are made from 100 percent Kona coffee grown on the nearby Cornwell Estate.

Where to Find It: At Kona Brewing Co.’s two pubs in Hawaii: Koko Marina Center and Kailua-Kona Pub & Brewery and at bars and restaurants around Hawaii.

The resulting milky yellow liquid is then served in hollowed-out gourds called in Cuzco and Lima, especially near the central markets and off backstreets, and in rural villages in the Andes; look for houses with a red or white flag hung above the doorway—the sign that a fresh batch of Description: Valued for its medicinal qualities, the lizard (usually a gecko) is a key ingredient in one of China’s strongest alcoholic drinks.

Typically, the reptile (the more poisonous, the more potent) marinates, whole, in bottles of rice wine or whiskey from 10 days to one year; its glassy-eyed stare is said to scare away cancer, arthritis, and ulcers, among other nefarious ills.

World's Strangest Liquors Description: A series of TV ads in the 1960s touted Cynar’s ability to “fight the stress of modern life.” Today, this medicinal aperitif-digestif from Italy is still promoted for its health-enhancing qualities.

Based on artichokes and infused with 13 herbs and plants, “all-natural” Cynar is the V8 of liquors, retaining (claims Campari, its maker) all of the nutrients of its original ingredients.

World's Strangest Liquors (corn beer) is still prepared in the traditional way: women in remote Andean villages chew maize and spit the pulp into earthenware jars of warm water, where it’s left to ferment.

Made by pouring hot water over bread baked into croutons, which are then left to ferment in wooden tubs, the concoction is frequently flavored with mint, berries, or raisins.

Vendors in Russia’s residential neighborhoods pump the amber brew into jugs from wheeled yellow tanks.

I’m on set at a Zombie-Valentine-themed boutique lingerie shoot (don’t ask) chatting to long-term single, serial-dating model Melis*.

She’s tried pretty much every mainstream online site going, but confesses that she isn’t really looking for love.“It’s more like a game of snap” she tells me.

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