Susan in greenville sc dating photos

While you won't find them drinking at fraternity parties anymore, you will now find them at home relaxing with their dogs (Susan's got adorable corgis! Susan encourages Leah to eat healthy and work out like she should-- she's the best ma and life coach anyone could have!Susan got engaged two weeks (down to the day) before Leah and is getting married in August in Costa Rica!

Leah met Amy (John's middle sister) shortly after dating John and she knew right from the beginning that they'd be close friends.

John and Leah each took a turn driving back and forth every other weekend between Atlanta and Greenville over the course of the next year to make their relationship work (which wasn't always easy with a Tucker pup in tow).

When Leah's lease was up the following October, she finally moved up to Greenville to join her man!

Their friendship blossomed from two geeky kids walking around the cul-d-sac eating sunflower seeds to independent young women and expert world travelers (we won't hold it against her that Katie pronounced Leah's name wrong for the first two years of their friendship)!

: P Katie helped John plan the engagement in Charleston and joined them immediately after the proposal for brunch and champagne; she even came to Greenville to do Leah's make-up for and participate in engagement photographs.

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