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So here is a small sample of video sites you should check out that many people feel are better than You Tube.Current TV is a website that is also a TV channel, but unlike all other tv sites, that post their content from tv on their sites, Current plays the content from their website on TV.

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Treba upisati ime portala, internetsku adresu u zagradi (bez "TED is unique in the world of streaming video, and it is brilliant in its own way.TED’s whole concept is to spread ideas, and to accomplish that, it has enlisted some of the most brilliant minds in the world to create “talks” about topics as diverse as Eve Ensler’s “Embrace your inner child”, Murray Gell-Mann’s ”Beauty and truth in physics” or Bill Gates’ “Mosquitos, malaria and education”.We post our videos on You Tube, look for some silly entertainment during boring afternoons and send videos along to friends much like old ladies used to spread gossip around town not very long ago. Let’s be honest, there is a whole world of streaming video online that most people have never seen because they have settled for You Tube.Most sites have the same features, or features even better than You Tube has and some have a more specialized selection or much higher quality videos.

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