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These are the names of your father, your grandfather, and older family friends.

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The name Arthur has also fared quite well in the literary world as it is the name of two prolific writers: Arthur Miller who penned Death of a Salesman and was briefly married to Marilyn Monroe; and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous for being the mastermind behind characters Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Bearing roots in both Ireland and England, the name Barry is sometimes considered to be the anglicized version of Irish names Bairre and Berach.If both of these portrayals are before your time, then you are sure to recall the popular animated show from the 90s called Hey Arnold.If you are a fan of the uniqueness but aren’t completely sold, variants of Arnold include Arend, Arndt and Arnoud.Famed bodybuilder turned actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and professional golfer Arnold Palmer both bear the out-of-fashion name.Arnold also proved quite popular among beloved television characters.

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