The love dare for dating couples

► Whom do you find attractive in this group apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend?► Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend? ► Given a choice, what will you choose, career or love? ► What is the one thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend that you love?In order to turn the tide of this stark statistic...Read More To Order Before I Do - Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience is an in-depth workbook that prepares couples to go the distance and experience all marriage has to offer!It was not easy to do, but in the end I walked away feeling happier about myself, feeling closer to my husband, and feeling like I could put out those fires that have the potential of sending my relationship burning out of control, leaving only a trail of destruction behind.In the article “We Took the Love Dare”, Mary Lebeau writes about her experiences with her husband Scott.

For others, it means taking time intentionally to build intimacy and openness with our spouses. This website is created to help us all dare to move toward a constructive building or rebuilding of our own marriages.

► Do you secretly admire your boyfriend or girlfriend's friend, name him/her? ► Who would you like to delete from your boyfriend's or girlfriend's Facebook friend list?

► If you were on a break from this relationship for one day, what would you do?

The movie is a touching story of how a busy married couple re-establish their commitment to each other, amid the challenges of life. For some of us, it means taking time off from our work. However, we will be adopting a day of rest each week (Sunday).

Let me encourage you that it is God’s will for every one of us to work on our marriages, no matter how tall the challenge may be. A challenge per day will be issued to participants, who will UNCONDITIONALLY practice acts of love toward their spouses.

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