Two way webcam

You definitely want a webcam that can capture high-resolution video in 1080p and widescreen video to get as much office in view as possible.Plus, for a portal, it’s essential that you get an autofocus lens.One of the most painful aspects of having a distributed or remote team is something that’s incredibly basic: video conferencing.Video calls are the main way to get face-to-face time with your colleagues in other offices or working from home, so you may be doing multiple calls per day.When people stand in front of it, they’re generally lined up at an equal distance from the TV.The upshot is that a 42” TV or greater is recommended, and you could make do going down to 32” or even using a large monitor in the 27” range.Before you know it, 5 to 10 minutes will have passed and you won’t have even talked yet.Instead, just walk over to the portal and you’re instantly connected.

At Foursquare, they use something that they call “The Portal,” which is an always-on video conferencing platform that’s constantly running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one end in New York City and the other end in San Francisco.A portal video conferencing setup, unlike a traditional one with fixed seating in a conference room, is constantly being used by a changing cast of characters.One day it’s being used by the four-person engineering team for a daily standup.Foursquare uses fancy Cisco video conferencing equipment, but you don’t need to raise 6 million to be able to afford a portal.Even if you’re a bootstrapped company, you can put one together on the cheap and make your distributed company more efficient without breaking the bank.

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