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Do note that the marked codecs might not actually be broken and could just be what the tool thinks is a cause of crashing or freezing during your video playback. Codec Tweak Tool The Codec Tweak Tool is actually already included in the K-Lite Codec Pack and it can help you detect and remove broken codecs and filters in addition to applying a number of tweaks and settings to the installed components.In the General Fixes window the tool can detect and remove broken VFW/ACM codecs and Direct Show filters, or re-register the default Direct Show filters.Several codecs are included with Windows 7 and Vista.These codecs are unlikely to cause problems in Adobe applications.A repair option is available or failing that you can just delete the broken entry from the registry.The program runs in Read Only mode until you click the padlock (Ctrl L) to enable deleting or repairing the filters.Codecs are software components that define the methods that applications use during encoding to compress media files, such as songs or movies.Applications also use codecs to decompress encoded media files during playback.

As the program starts it will scan and notify you of any errors and you can show just them by clicking the spider button (Ctrl E).Do be aware that the author states Filmerit was never tested on any o/s above Windows Vista, so Win 7 or 8 could work but it may be a bit of a risk. Microsoft Fix it Codec Tool Microsoft themselves also have a small codec diagnosis utility which comes as part of the Fix It troubleshooting set of tools.It’s simply titled “Playing video files crashes or freezes Internet Explorer” and helps to diagnose problems of crashing or freezing while playing video in Internet Explorer or any other media player.On occasion because there can be hundreds of codecs and Direct Show filters installed on a system, some can get corrupted or incorrectly installed which sometimes happens if you’re updating a codec pack or switching from one pack to another.If a broken codec is needed to play the video file you’re watching, the player might freeze or crash or you might not see or hear what’s going on.

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