Updating shortcut files all at once

The graphic is no longer in the location from which it was imported, although it may still exist somewhere.

Missing links can happen if someone deletes the original file or moves it to a different folder or server after it’s been imported.

However, files that are pasted from a website in Internet Explorer do not display in this panel.

In In Copy, the Links panel also displays linked stories.

If you move a document to another folder or disk (for example, if you take it to a service provider), be sure that you also move the linked graphics files; they are not stored inside the document.

You can copy all related files automatically, using the Preflight and Package features.

I'd much rather a Keyboard Shortcut for Update All Links, rather than having to deal with this.

#4: Middle Click For those that prefer to use the mouse instead of the keyboard, there’s still a quick way to close tabs: the middle click.When a linked EPS graphic or In Design document contains links, the links are also combined under a disclosure triangle.A linked file can appear in the Links panel in any of the following ways: This icon means that the version of the file on disk is more recent than the version in your document.If you don’t want to take your hands off the keyboard, simply press Alt W, L, to invoke the command (You can also assign it a keyboard shortcut under Tools-Keyboard).#2: Ctrl F4 Another handy shortcut is Ctrl F4 which, on most machines, is bound to the command Window. Pressing this keyboard combination will close the current document window that has focus.

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