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If your Ruby on Rails application depends on several external Ruby gems, you may not be able to upgrade.

In an ideal world, gem maintainers would have been testing their project on the pre-release versions of v5 so that the gem is fully compatible by the time v5.0 is released, but in reality, some gems that are in less active development will take some time (and testing) to release a v5-compatible gem.

If your team has the resources to contribute, most gem maintainers would be happy to take a pull request that brings Rails 5 support.

In our open source community, it’s contributions like this that keep Rails ticking along after all these years.

This would leave your business and customers vulnerable for however long it takes your team to execute that upgrade.

Quick tip: Developers might want to set in their development and test environments to turn easy-to-miss deprecation warnings into unignorable hard errors that halt the execution.

If you're still running Rails v3.x, now is definitely the time to start your upgrade journey.

Now that v5 is out in the wild, 3.x is no longer receiving further updates. You don't want to wait until a major security vulnerability is discovered to start the upgrade process to a more recent Rails version.

Pull requests (even ugly hacks) are appreciated in this gem, and this gem only.

Ruby on Rails version 5.1.1 is officially out and in use.

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